LIGHT:2020 Media Kit

Media Tool Kit

Thank you! Whether you are an organization, business or a media outlet partnering with our LIGHT:2020 project, the resources below are intended to increase visibility and build excitement for the festivities you’ll be promoting this summer. Create “buzz” on social media and elsewhere, by including the images, graphic assets, and language provided here. Your consistent promotion of LIGHT:2020 will help locals and visitors, alike, make the most of the events on tap this summer.


Press Resources

Share the press release or pull sections for your newsletters and social media posts. Artwork images available in press release and if you scroll down to the bottom of this page.




The images below can be downloaded and used in LIGHT:2020 related posts. You are also free, of course, to post images related to a specific event, or photos of LIGHT:2020 happenings in general. Be liberal with your shout-outs! Mention partnering orgs, where appropriate, and include LIGHT:2020 hashtags: #Light2020, #SeeTheLight, #DriveByArt, #DriveThruArt,  #exploreDNB, #artDNB, and the Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts. In all LIGHT:2020 posts, if you tag @_datma we will reshare or like your posts giving them more traffic and viewership.





The guidelines here are similar to the Instagram suggestions above.

Just note that our Facebook name is: DATMA. The handle is the way long title of @DesignArtTechnologyMassachusetts -which is a little different than our Twitter and Insta that uses @_DATMA.


For Tweets related to LIGHT:2020 include the hashtags: #Light2020, #SeeTheLight, #DriveByArt, #DriveThruArt,  #exploreDNB, #artDNB. Also tag @_datma and we will reshare or like your posts giving them more traffic and viewership.



In promotional materials for Light:2020 (advertising, postcards, event posters, e-news, etc), the DATMA logo should appear with the headline “Light:2020 is presented by”. Two versions of the logo are available for download here. Logo version A is designed to appear at sizes 2.25″ wide or smaller. Logo version B is designed to appear at sizes 2.25″ or larger in width.

Version A - 2.25" or smaller Version B - 2.25" or larger

Image Bug

An “image bug” can be used over photography, as quick indicator that an event is part of the Light:2020 celebrations. Use it to create images for social media posts, in your enews, or wherever you want to call attention to Light:2020. The downloadable .jpg below is designed to appear at 6″ wide or smaller. If you plan to use at a size larger than 6″, please contact Lindsay Miś.





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detail still from Vessels, by MASARY Studios
Photo Kinetic Grid by Soo Sunny Park, photographed by Richard Gormley
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