In a Changing World, Art & Design must speak through TECHNOLOGY and Technology must converse with ART & DESIGN. DATMA produces dynamic programs that project what the SouthCoast is and has been—and what it can become.

Massachusetts Design Art & Technology Institute (DATMA) was launched in 2016 to bring inspiring public art, design, and technology exhibitions from around the world to the SouthCoast. As we gear up for our third program year entitled, Water 2021, we want to take a moment to highlight an excellent piece of filmmaking that was inspired by our SouthCoast community.

Just released! MASARY Studios has documented their journey in creating a series of public art pieces made for New Bedford. Be the first to view this behind the scenes mini-documentary that tells the story of the fishing industry, its vessels, DATMA, New Bedford, the art piece VESSELS, and how all interconnected to create the contemporary artwork. This mini-documentary is especially meaningful to us, because the artists, Samo Okerstrom-Lang and Ryan Edwards, dedicated this film to our co-founder, Roger Mandle. We thank them for their sensitivity in sharing the beauty of our city, while honoring one of the pillars of our organization.

Created & Produced by MASARY Studios. Presented by DATMA.

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