Margo Connolly-Masson

Collage artist and oil painter currently living in Fairhaven.

As someone with an educational background in biology and environmental education, the role of “shelter” holds very important meaning. The essentials for any organism are: food, water, shelter, and space. Shelter encompasses the physical space that we occupy, as well as the social and emotional landscape.

As a working artist in the SouthCoast, the shelter that the community provides is essential to my success and happiness. Investments in public art, opportunities for artist residencies, collaborative open studio events, galleries, and the general appreciation for creatives are vital parts of our shelter.

I am a collage artist and oil painter specializing in natural science and community-based artwork that highlights beauty in sometimes unexpected places. From a tote of fish waiting for processing on a dock to a spiky seed pod in an urban garden to a lone herring gull on the street, my art seeks to capture the dimension, color, and character of my community.

I grew up in New Bedford and have lived and worked across the United States, from Massachusetts to Alaska. My artwork reflects what I see around me as I roam beaches, work on docks, get stuck in salt marshes, and observe the natural and built world from a perspective of curiosity, respect, and a desire to share it with others.

I have loved making art since I was very young, but always struggled to consider myself a “real artist.” The continued support and encouragement of friends, family, and the surrounding community has finally convinced me that I am an Artist.

More from the artist:

My creative space fluctuates from season-to-season and even day-to-day. I am a parent to two young children and maintain part-time jobs outside of my work as an artist. I sometimes have several hours at a time that I can set aside to focus on art in my studio at Hatch Street Studios, but other times I have to take advantage of a quiet hour at home while my kids are sleeping and I set up a temporary “studio” in the basement on my son’s Lego table. I was extremely fortunate to be chosen as the Artist-in-Residence at the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in 2022 and was provided with gorgeous studio space in downtown New Bedford. Each space that I use carries its own inspirations, limitations, and opportunities, and I think that this variety adds to my depth and breadth as an artist.The shelter of creativity draws us in to protect ourselves from the daily stuggles of living in an ever changing world bringing with it a peace of mind through the channels of making.

Growing up in the SouthCoast and now living here as an adult has impacted my artistic practice tremendously. I draw inspiration from the color and texture of the working waterfront, historic buildings, urban wildlife, local food, etc. The arts community in the SouthCoast is vibrant, welcoming, and collaborative. I never feel competition with other artists; instead, I have found that artists (and non-artists) in this region are incredibly supportive and continually encourage one another to create, experiment, and share.

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