“DATMA produces dynamic programs that project what the SouthCoast is and has been—and what it can become.”

Roger Mandle, DATMA’s Co-Founder


Lindsay Miś has a passion for working with artists and making an impact in her community with public art. A longtime New Bedford based artist, Miś has been DATMA’s founding Director since 2018 and launched it’s inaugural program season entitled, Summer Winds.  A major motivation keeping her in the SouthCoast is the region’s incredible ability to collaborate.

“My passion for contemporary craft has influenced my curiosity of how we experience art & design. I pursue this question in DATMA’s approach to exhibitions- making our projects accessible to all and part of the every day.”

[email protected] & PH 1.774.264.3696


Amanda Hawkins joined the team in spring of 2021. With over a decade of experience in the arts, Hawkins has pursued a path dedicated to creating immersive exhibitions and experiences in unexpected locations.

“I have learned to view art and design through many different lenses; one of the most important being accessibility. I have seen firsthand how free public art and creative programming can engage communities, inspire collaboration, and transform lives.”

[email protected] & PH 1.774.264.3696


Steven Ashley
Walter S. Bernheimer, II, Secretary
Iva Brito 
Tobey Eugenio
Harvey Goldman
Jocelin Hamblett
Nancy Hammer 
Lara Henderson 

David Jeffrey
Adam Katz
Michael Keating
Amelia Koch, Treasurer
Jason Lanagan
Pamela A Murray
Dan Shedd 

Stephen Silverstein
Pat Coomey Thornton
Gayle Mandle, Co-founder & Vice Chair
Nicholas Sullivan, Chair

In honor of Roger Mandle, Co-founder & Founding Chair


Paula Robinson Deare
Liv Haines Gauthier
Chris Gustin
Hannah Haines 

Jeremiah Hernandez
Jonathan Howland
Viera Levit 

Timothy Mahoney 
Sadia Quraeshi Shepard 
Rosanne Somerson


Noreen Winderlick, Development Services

Nunes & Charrier LLC, Accounting Services

David Andrews, Exhibitions Assistant


mediumstudio, Design Services

The City of New Bedford

Countless local creatives that share their skills and help bring our projects to life.


For media inquiries, please contact: Edwina A. Kluender, KLÜNDER Communications
 [email protected]  & PH 1.617.888.5859


Becky Donner, Programs & Outreach Research Assistant

Ellery Ekleberry, Program Coordinator & Administrative Support

Open Staff Positions & Season-long Fellowships

DATMA is not currently seeking resumes for employment, however, we are actively seeking inquiries for our Fellowship Positions.

DATMA accepts 1-2 fellowships per semester. Fellows gain first-hand professional experience in the following ares; Marketing, Development, and Programs/ Exhibitions.  This position is semester long and Fellows are welcome to reapply for a second term. Hours are completed both in the office and remotely. If college credits are eligible, candidates may need to connect DATMA with candidate’s career center. DATMA’s fellowship application cycle- is OPEN

Interested in joining our volunteer team?

Thanks to our experienced task force, DATMA presents big ideas that reach a wide audience and all with a small team. From high school seniors to seniors, we are in need of help from a variety of skill sets. We just ask you have an interest in the arts.

Consider signing on and complete our volunteer form HERE.