Mandy Fraser

Multidisciplinary painter currently living in New Bedford.

Shelter to me means safety. Safety of being free from danger and protected from the elements.

It also means a safe place to exist, a place where you can be yourself. A safe harbor.

I am a local painter, illustrator, muralist, and graphic designer. I also create hand-lettered signage. My work varies from expressive figure paintings, illustrations, window art, to graffiti. I am a graduate of the UMass Dartmouth CVPA 2002 and live and work in New Bedford. I am Partners & Program Coordinator for AHA! 2nd Thursdays Arts & Culture celebration, co-program Director of 3rdEyE Youth Empowerment, and am co-founder of the Queer Arts Council of New Bedford.

My current focus is public art. Art is a part of everything in my life. It is my main profession and main hobby. When I am not practicing my own art, I am organizing other people’s art for AHA! Night, or creating and executing arts programming for youth and young adults with 3rdEyE.

I like to think that art influences everything that I do as I approach things with creative problem solving and aesthetics always in mind. My creative process is always growing and progressing.

More from the artist:

I work primarily out of my home studio in the north end of New Bedford. My wife and I bought a house bigger than we needed in order to have creative and work space where we live. I work out of a room that I turned into a studio. I store large canvases in an extra bedroom upstairs and store gallons of latex paint in our basement. Large artwork is stored on our front porch. My wife has fully accepted that we live in an art studio!

The artist community in New Bedford and on the SouthCoast impacts me in an immensely positive way. I feel that my practice is growing stronger, faster because of the continuous support, suggestions, and advice I get from other artists and professionals here. I also feel very backed by the City itself as the institutions here also offer great support. New Bedford Creative has been a impactful and important institution to me by offering opportunities and grant programs. I am also grateful to our local galleries that create spaces to show my work. Our historical, vibrant city is a constant source of inspiration!

Explore Mandy’s Instagram to see more artwork.


For media inquiries, please contact: Edwina A. Kluender, KLÜNDER Communications [email protected] & PH 1.617.888.5859. Here is our downloadable press release: DATMA SHELTER2023 Press Release Announcement Here.


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