Rhonda M. Fazio

Environmental alchemist currently living in Dighton.

My journey as an Artist and a Mother is the inspiration I draw from as I continue my travels in this life. It was during the most trying times, that I became the most creative. I shuffled my inherent skills around and developed creative ways to support my son without giving up on my dreams.

Rhonda M. Fazio is a graduate of art history from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Prior to UMD, she studied Professional Craft: Fiber and Clay at Haywood Community College near Asheville, North Carolina – an area rich with the influence and philosophy of Black Mountain College.

Ms. Fazio founded Dyer Maker Studio in 1998 – a traveling textile lab specializing in the ancient art and history of textile design through a series of experiential workshops – “Dyeing to Wear It” and “Teaching through Textiles”. In addition to her work with fabric, Ms. Fazio teaches the “Art and Language of Food” and “SNAP to the MAX” a series of cooking and food preservation classes in the South Coast.

More from the artist:

I have a gallery in downtown New Bedford named Interwoven. A performance space for the local arts and home base for Dyer Maker Studio. Much of where I make comes from the constant narrative I create during my travels in the world. Inspired by the origins of ingredients, materials and skill, it tells a story that finds its way into the process of how I make. My work with food and fabric reflects the essential connection between people, plants, and pigments from all over the world in relation to the journey of the human narrative. In America, it is a story we all share and we are all “interwoven” because of it.

Whether I am at my gallery, or a park, library, school, local business, farmers market or a mobile food stand – the places that represent “havens” are where I create and people gather. “Shelter” in this case, becomes more than a place of protection, it becomes a space of creativity, for me and the people I interact with – a safe haven if you will by providing safe spaces for the instruction on how to make food and fabric within our environment.

The shelter of creativity draws us in to protect ourselves from the daily stuggles of living in an ever changing world bringing with it a peace of mind through the channels of making.

Visit Rhonda’s website to see more artwork.


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