Silver Current by Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, installed over Custom House Square in New Bedford, MA

Summer Winds 2019

DATMA’s inaugural public event series was called, Summer Winds 2019—a celebration of New Bedford’s emerging leadership in wind energy. Alongside wind-themed international exhibitions and collaborative programs with partners from arts and culture, science, and technology, DATMA commissioned a site-specific signature Skynet Silver Current, by Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics. Silver Current was installed over Custom House Square. You can still revisit the magic of Summer Winds by browsing some of our favorite images by searching #SummerWinds19 and #SilverCurrent in your social media accounts. Let us know you’re favorite by tagging @_DATMA.

There is still one Summer Winds exhibitions to been seen! Allow your curiosity to get the best of you and visit the Superflat Wall to see the mural, Winds of Change. It’s at the corner of Acushnet and Williams Street in downtown New Bedford

For media inquiries, please contact: Edwina A. Kluender, KLÜNDER Communications: 617.888.5859 or [email protected]

Summer Winds was graciously supported by many individuals, foundations, and businesses. Without the support from these generous art supporters, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

Neilson Abeel
Melinda Ailes
Lisa Schmid Alvord & Joel Alvord
Travis Brown & Teresa Barger
Gale & Thomas Beaton
Philip Beauregard
John Bullard
James & Mary Faughnan
John & Tally Garfield
Peggy M. Gildersleeve
John and Vanessa Gralton
Jocelin Hamblett
Jonathan & Elizabeth Howland
Michael S. Hudner
James Hughes
Susanna Jacobus
David & Hope Jeffrey
Rick Kidder
Lloyd & Ann Macdonald
Julia Mandle
Roger & Gayle Mandle
Nancy & Stuart Murphy
Nunes & Charrier
Pappas Family Charitable Fund
Patrick & Ute Prevost
Don & Genie Rice
Whitt Barnard & Susie Rogers
Paul & Tina Schmid
Joan Shafran
Dan & Susan Shedd
Joan Underwood
Robert & Elizabeth Wax
Russ & Jane Weigel
Anna Whitcomb
Peter & JoAnn Wooding
DATMA’s Dedicated Board Members

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