Pamela Hoss

Painter and draftswoman currently living in New Bedford.

My studio has always been my sanctuary. Once I am immersed in the creative process I find myself transcending time and space. When the work feels right, it is the closest I come to a spiritual experience.

I grew up the youngest of ten children on a farm in Rockland, MA. Creative play in childhood was spent dressing up in mother’s skirts and dancing with the newel post in the hall. While attending Saturday classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Degas’ statue of the “Fourteen-Year Old Dancer” made a lasting impact on me. 

After experiencing the loss of parents and homestead, I found myself flooded with memories of childhood and family. Surrounded by photographs from the past has helped me recall the life I once had and the farm where we were raised. 

Self-portraiture, as an improvisational performance, has helped elucidate my life as a woman, with a conscious awareness of age, gender and loss. Scanning old photos and collaging them into my work has allowed me to capture the essence of the past through a collage of memories and dreams, helping to commemorate my origins.

More from the artist:

I have maintained working studios in large warehouses for the past 35 years – 20 years in South Boston and 14 years in New Bedford. My husband and I bought an affordable historic home in New Bedford in 2011. During the pandemic we moved my fourth floor warehouse studio to our home. While I continue to paint portraits of myself, former students and friends, now that I am home I can better observe and paint the life we have created here, and the flowers from the gardens we grow.

Living in the South Coast I have been inspired by the many art exhibitions, receptions, and talks I have attended over the years – UMass Dartmouth University Art Gallery, the Crapo Gallery, New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford Creative, the Co-Creative Center, AHA! New Bedford, DATMA installations and exhibits, Gallery X, Marion Art Center, and Dartmouth Cultural Center, to name a few. I have also been inspired by the musical performances I have attended at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, New Bedford Symphony, Narrows Center for the Arts, and Buzzards Bay Music Fest at Tabor Academy. Thanks to these many hosting institutions, I feel a part of this community, grateful for the artists, curators, collectors and interesting people I have met along the way.

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