LIGHT 2020

DATMA is using art and technology to bring some needed light to the people of our community during the darkest hours of the coronavirus.

Building on the success of our Summer Winds 2019 project, and especially our free public installation in New Bedford called Silver Current, DATMA remains committed to bringing free public art—driven by technology and inspired by design—to lift the hearts and spirits of people on the SouthCoast again this summer.

Our 19th century whaling industry earned New Bedford the title of “the City that Lit the World.” For our second year’s programming, DATMA will focus on programs united by the theme of LIGHT.

LIGHT at a Glance: June – September 2020

Sculptor, Soo Sunny Park brings New Bedford Photo-kinetic Grid, a spectacular exhibit that can be seen through the Star Store’s floor to ceiling windows. Viewers will be mystified by reflective silver mirrors embedded in welded chain link fencing emitting light and colorful rainbows generated by camera-projector cycles. On view at the new corner space that UMass Dartmouth CVPA has newly named “The Swain Studio,” viewers can enjoy this work in both day and evening hours from June 20 until September 14, 2020 at 715 Purchase Street.

Vessels by MASARY Studios is a creating unique for New Bedford of three additional large-scale animation projection works will be installed on 3 different buildings along Union Street in downtown New Bedford from June 20 until July 19, 2020 daily after sunset. Their project includes a special performance schedule for end of June 2021, when it is healthy to be in a group setting once again. Research support for this project is made possible through our partnership with New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center.

We have individual programs planned with some incredible SouthCoast organizations. Event details that will be posted when we learn more about safety in group settings. To learn more about some of our LIGHT 2020 program patrtners, click on their names below and you’ll link up to their websites.

LIGHT programs to be viewed in 2021 due to Covid 19

Miwa Matreyek will be exhibiting her collection of collages and performing Infinitely Yours. Her performance and exhibition is now set for 2021, when we can once again come together in groups. The exhibition will be at the Downtown New Bedford, BCC builiing. Her performance will be held at Cooks Theatre in the Whaling Museum.

Underway once school starts back up, DATMA’s LIGHT 2020 uses STEAM to create public art by students from Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School. This special projct is set to be installed in October of 2020, but we may extend the project to the spring 2021 when we learn more about school opening dates. This project is in part generously supported by Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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