Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts awards $125K to support arts and culture in coronavirus pandemic

To highlight our 2020 projects, the Community Foundation featured DATMA in their end of the summer gala. Watch our Light: 2020 video segment to see how foundations have contributed to furthering arts & culture in the South Coast region.

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NEW BEDFORD — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Creative Commonwealth Initiative of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts has awarded $125,000 in unrestricted grants to arts and culture nonprofits to support organizations and artists in the SouthCoast.


For the past three grant cycles, the Creative Commonwealth has been committed to supporting organizations and projects that are youth-centric and are focused on increasing the artistic expression of culturally diverse and immigrant communities, a news release said.

But given the coronavirus pandemic, the Community Foundation decided to divert from the originally planned grant round “to offer immediate unrestricted financial support to the organizations that have been, and continue to be, helping to ensure that their audiences are represented and celebrated,” the release said.

A total of 24 grants ranging from $3,000 to $7,000 will be administered to support nonprofits, officials said. “For some with strong ties to the artist community, portions of their grant will be utilized to pay artists directly or to commission them for collaborative programming,” the release said.

In addition to these grants, the Community Foundation said it is exploring ways of offering technical assistance to organizational leaders.