Good to Know People in High Places… about 5 Stories High

Did you get a call from a new non-profit art organization asking to get on your roof this past month? Yes, that was us. February may be a short month, but we were climbing high on every tall structure surrounding Custom House Square.

We started the year with the news that our featured artist, Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, was planning a site visit to investigate the connection points for his skynet called, Silver Current. DATMA went into high gear planning two days of meetings with building owners and city officials. It was amazing to learn about the non-invasive tethering methods that Poetic Kinetics have used around the world to install their magical skynets that weigh in total under 100 pounds! Thanks to their knowledge and use of cutting edge technology, their team makes public art look like a breeze.

This exciting chain of events makes our programming efforts suddenly feel real. The temperature may be below freezing, but Summer Winds are coming!

Special shout out to the building owners & managers who we asked for help with our crazy request:

Annie Hayes
Bristol Community College, BCC
Custom House
Michael Galasso & Pontiff Realty
Law Offices of Beauregard, Burke & Franco
Teri Bernert from WHALE

Visit our instagram for a few memorable shots from our climb on BCC.