Reconnect with ‘Open Spaces’ on New Bedford’s Seaport Art Walk

One of the most eagerly anticipated public art exhibitions returns to the New Bedford waterfront with an opening reception on Thursday, July 14.”  –New Bedford Creative

The 2022 Seaport Art Walk officially introduces this year’s artists and their work during a free tour of the outdoor exhibit from 5-6 p.m. beginning at 82 Front Street. The theme of this year’s Art Walk is “Open Spaces,” a theme that reflects the notion of open space in mind and soul onto concept, murals, and sculptures. The annual Art Walk–founded in 2013 by artist Jessica Bregoli, one of the exhibiting artists–places sculpture and murals along New Bedford’s waterfront. Bregoli and her art partner, Jessica England, describe their piece “Reconnecting” as representative of the need to get back in touch with nature after having lost touch, and of connecting to one another again. 

Other artists on the Art Walk include Keith Francis, Jacob Ginga, Erin Meade, and Collin Wetzel. Wetzel on his piece “A Discovery of the Native Algae, Seaweed and Kelp” talks about the shoreline, marshes, and beaches as being “one of our most beloved ‘Open Spaces’ and how his mural depicts this. Erin Meade’s “Mirrored Iridescence” is an installation which she describes as speaking to her and the community, whereas Keith Francis in “Glittering Patterns” encompasses a historical view of the waterfront with glitter patterns that form a smooth path of glittering light when seen at a distance.

Jacob Ginga sums up the message of the theme of reconnecting in his piece “Another Year, An Osprey’s Story” where he recreates a previous mural he had done of two late friends as Osprey as an homage to the surrounding area.

The 2022 Seaport Art Walk “Open Spaces” is presented by New Bedford Creative, and funded in part by New Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency, as well as the city of New Bedford’s Arts, Culture and Tourism Fund, and Bristol County Savings Bank. 

The juried outdoor exhibition will be on view July through October, 2022. To learn more, visit