Sea Scallops: Sentinels of the Deep

The Massachusetts Design Art and Technology Institute (DATMA) in partnership with UMass Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) will present “Sea Scallops: Sentinels of the Deep.”  The exhibit, which runs from June through October, is part of DATMA’s collaborative venture called “WATER 2021.” The free public art projects examine the role of water within the histories, economies, and cultures of several countries as well as SouthCoast Massachusetts—from its geographic location and its wide-ranging fishing industry to the technologies of the 21st century providing new sources of energy while protecting the fragile ecology of the region.

The “Sea Scallops: Sentinels of the Deep” exhibit comprises scientific archival imagery that captures the region’s seafloor. Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, SMAST Professor of Fisheries Oceanography, and his team of researchers capture scallop imagery using advanced underwater video technology. The image-based, drop camera survey, developed by Stokesbury and his team, counts, and identifies scallops while immersed in the ocean, helps to protect specific habitats, identify specific species in every image, and guide regulators on the management of fishery. This method has also been pivotal in the revival of the scallop industry and has helped the city of New Bedford maintain its position as the nation’s No.1 fishing port for two decades. The “Sea Scallops: Sentinels of the Deep” exhibit also highlights the women in fisheries science conducting this important research, which has given the local scallop industry a re-birth and revolutionized fishing on the East Coast.

The public outdoor exhibition will be displayed on storefront windows on a series of historic buildings in downtown New Bedford along Union Street between Acushnet Avenue and North 2nd Street from June 17 to October 17, 2021.

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