Fitzcarmel LaMarre

Fitzcarmel LaMarre is a creative education developer, program director, workshop educator, muralist, portrait artist, graphic designer, and former public school art teacher. Currently working on his historical fiction graphic novel NEW DEADFORD, LaMarre has created free youth programming and creative learning experiences throughout New Bedford. He believes that through educating, challenging, and engaging our most valuable resource (our youth), we will develop a brighter future of opportunities. 

“I quickly fell in love with the City of New Bedford as I began getting familiar with the art community! This City has all the resources needed to be a successful artist. Applying oneself with consistency and passion are the only other 

The graphic novel, “NEW DEADFORD” places New Bedford five years into a zombie apocalypse, showing how the diverse community works to make New Bedford the richest city in the world for the 3rd time. The NEW DEADFORD graphic novel and the SURVIVOR SERIES youth outreach program are parts of a community inclusive project aimed at revitalizing the City’s image and investing in its creative future.


 New Deadford, Prologue, Johnson House 

© Fitzcarmel LaMarre 

 Pictured here is a preview of the painting to be used for the graphic novel’s cover. 

The illustration shows Lee Blake, President of the New Bedford Historical Society and contemporary activist and educator, who is responsible for making an empty city lot, across from where Frederick Douglass first lived in New Bedford, into Abolition Row Park. 

LaMarre uses a combination of photography, drawing, acrylic painting, and digital design to create his graphic novels. He begins by taking photographs of the actual people and places included the narrative. Using a light table or projector, he then sketches the photos on canvas to begin painting. Then, working in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, he lays out the imagery, adjusts design elements and colors, creates custom type settings, and finalizes everything into a digital book for printing.


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