SouthCoast Today Column: DATMA 2020 … Let there be light

Article by Steven Froias

“LIGHT 2020 by DATMA

In 2020, DATMA will present multiple works of art embracing the visual, naturally, but also employing architecture, performance, audio and digital into a new portfolio illuminating the theme of light.

New partnerships include one with Greater New Bedford Regional Technical Vocational High School. Students will work with Providence-based architect Chris Bardt, and UMassD CVPA and New Bedford DPI on an installation at Union and Purchase streets. Unique this year, the project will be a permanent rather than a temporary piece of art that will become part of the streetscape.

DATMA will also be heading indoors for other pieces. Soo Sunny Park will exhibit in a classroom in UMassD CVPA Star Store. And, performance artist Miwa Matreyek will journey to New Bedford next fall, at a location still to be determined.

The impact of Silver Current is a hard act to follow, but the artist’s group MASARY is up to the challenge. Beginning next June, they will bathe historic New Bedford buildings in art and light. In promises to be spectacle as well as art, and like Silver Current will no doubt become a destination event for New Bedford.”


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