The field of robotics is changing rapidly. Intersections between research and robotics are the forefront of this exciting frontier — ushering in a new era of technological innovation, sustainability, and practical application. Delve into the creativity, ingenuity, and discovery happening right in our backyard, and explore how robotics is paving the way for new businesses and careers. 


New Bedford Research & Robotics

NBRR is a space for startups to conduct research and experimentation using the latest technologies, including industrial robots, CNC (computer numerical control) machines, lasers, 3D printing, virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR), and traditional fabrication tooling to assist in a variety of product development.

Industrial Robotics is where Art meets Science and Engineering meets Design

– Mark Parsons, Executive Director & Founder, NBRR

Designers in Residence

Ruth Douzinas

Design resident at New Bedford Research & Robotics and graduate student in ceramics at UMass Dartmouth’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, has been producing ambitious, 14-foot architectural columns with an ABB IRB 6700 robot, aka “Raphael.” 

Artist talk with Ruth Douzinas, one of the exhibitors of the 2024 UMass Dartmouth MFA Student Thesis Exhibition & Designer in Residence at NBRR.

Lilach Porges

Lilach has been developing innovative methods for 3D-printed garments with robotic arms at New Bedford Research & Robotics. Here, she is pictured printing a dress with material Xtellar GR605EVA-BIO, a new bio-based polymer (EVA) derived from raw sugar cane that is both translucent and flexible.

Robotic Fashion

Inspired by the beauty in the shapes and colors of computer code, this garment was 3D-printed by a robotic arm. Lilach Porges created the look with a sustainable material called Braskem GR605R-CF — a polymer composed of 90% recycled materials, including bottle caps and carbon fiber. Lilach’s designs walked the Fall and Spring runway in New York.

Porges’ company, PROCODE_DRESS, recently launched its first ready-to-wear line, the Roller Coaster Collection. Combining expertly sewn garments with cutting-edge robot-printed sustainable materials, Porges’ collection reflects her commitment to innovation and sustainability in fashion.

Collaborating with New Bedford Youth

NBRR hosts summer internships with rising seniors, college, and graduate students from 6 universities and local schools. 2021 interns pictured here are metal pressing (subtractive manufacturing) with a robot.

We need to put these tools in the hands of thinkers and creatives who can help drive a more ethical and equitable future.

—  Mark Parsons, Executive Director & Founder, NBRR

In March of 2024, NBRR partnered with 7th and 8th grade students at Our Sisters’ School in New Bedford to design and fabricate a new 3D-printed public art piece. Explore the design process behind the UNITY Sculpture with Our Sisters’ School here


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