“Water Is We” By: Geneva Gomes

New Bedford, MA has some incredible talent and we try to showcase it whenever we can. We were lucky to be able to hear New Bedford poet, Geneva G. read live at our opening event of Water 2021 hosted by 3rd EyE Empowerment.

Water Is We

Geneva G.


It cleanses the physical

From the hair to the toes

Purifies the spiritual in ways no one knows, –

Or even understands how to explain

I wonder it one day it will be all that remains

For life cannot exist without it

It hydrates and drys

Gives life

but can also be your demise

Helps to heal wounds and shapes the rocks

Nothing is unaffected by this element’s touch

More than anything you and I

Pulsing through our smile

Forming the tears in our eyes

Making up more than 70% of what we are

I find it so interesting how much it relates to who we are

It is both gentle and rough

Like the Father, whose embrace can make one melt

But whose absence leaves an emotional welt

Like the Son, who does not yet know his own strength

But is also still learning his true power is invoking a laughter that mends

It can create and destroy

Like the Mother,  who gives her all to bring her child into the world

And whose fury leads countries to unfurl

It is like the Daughter, whose mind dives to depths no has explored

And whose words can make someone forget their worth

It can be both fluid and firm

Like the Dancer who rides the melodies of soulful and contemporary music like waves

But can also pop, lock, and stomp to any beat hip hop could throw at them

Or the gymnast, whose movements are graceful and elegant beyond belief

And yet limits and require the utmost strength, precision, and control to achieve

It even relates to the menstrual cycle

The tides move in and out fighting with the gravity of the moon

Similarly to the monthly ebb and flow of a woman

In accordance with the phases of the moon

This all drives home for me

That “We Are Water and Water Is We”

So if you have made it this far

This is a call to action

I hope my words can aid in its traction

I pose this question to you

What would you do if you didn’t have it?

What if you couldn’t just walk into you kitchen

And fill your cup?

Or go to your bathroom for a long relaxing rinse?

What if after that fun dance, powerful sport, or strenuous activity

You could not quench that inevitable thirst?

Over 785 million people are living this reality right now

Even more only have access to dirty and polluted fluid at their disposal

I urge you, if you have a heart for other to find a way to help

Start a fundraiser, bring more awareness,

Don’t just ride the wave like a tik tok trend

Be firm and commit until the crisis ends

Be fluid and do your research, have fun, get creative

We know why this is important

But again I say “ We Are Water and Water is We”