WGBH’s Open Studios with Jared Bowen explores Water 2021

WGBH Arts Editor, Jared Bowen, takes audiences through Historic New Bedford while exploring DATMA’s three Water 2021 exhibitions. In this episode of Open Studios he’ll speak with New Bedford’s Poet Laureate, Patricia Gomes, photographer Phil Mello, and DATMA’s Executive Director, Lindsay Mis, to learn how water inspires our coastal community.
“The call of the sea will not be denied; New Bedford is a mermaid’s promise of treasures for those brave enough, strong enough, adventurous enough to mend the nets and mine the waters.”
A verse from Buoyance, an original work written for Water 2021 by New Bedford’s Poet Laureate, Patricia Gomes.
Watch the episode online now, highlighting many of DATMA’s Water 2021 artists and partners, including Phillip Mello, Craig Easton, Hyung Sun Kim, Zimoun, New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, UMass Dartmouth Galleries, UMass Dartmouth School for Marine Science & Technology, and more!