NewTV’s Museum Open House chats #Water2021

Host of NewTV‘s Museum Open House, Jay Sugarman, talks with Amanda Hawkins, Phil Mello, and Kevin Stokesbury, PhD. about DATMA’s Water 2021 public exhibitions and programming happening this summer in New Bedford, MA.

These public art projects examine the role of water and women working with water within the histories, economies, and cultures of the UK, South Korea, Switzerland, and Southcoast MA. During the program, we’ll be learning why and how WATER 2021 came about and we’ll go on a behind-the-scenes tour of some of its current installations. In so doing, we’ll come to better understand and appreciate DATMA’s overall mission and the many things the general public can look forward to enjoying and experiencing from WATER 2021.

Amanda serves as the Public Programs Coordinator for the Massachusetts Design, Art & Technology Institute, otherwise known as DATMA. Phil is a highly accomplished photographer based in the New Bedford area, and Dr. Stokesbury is a professor at UMASS Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology. They’re all here today to inform us about WATER 2021, which is an extremely engaging city-wide collaborative venture taking place in New Bedford now through October 17. Some of the highlights are three free public art exhibitions together with numerous programs and initiatives with partner organizations.