Hi, Honey. We’re Home.

SouthCoast, Massachusetts is brewing with creative energy. Thanks to Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville, New Bedford has a historic reputation known around the world. Yet the city seems undiscovered. Inside this hidden gem, exists endless culture. In the heart of downtown, The Co-Creative Center offered a comfortable spot for our DATMA institute to set up shop providing access to New Bedford’s businesses and organizations making it easy to collaborate with the city’s leaders.

Before even setting up our furniture, DATMA was immediately welcomed by the arts and culture groups, as well as economic development members. There’s so much work to be done, but thanks to the tight-knit community, we’re going to be able to meet our exhibition and programming goals for summer 2019. We hope to repay our warm welcome by adding to the creative community and helping to bring an international spotlight back on the city that has been quietly awaiting another emergence, this time with it’s artistic reputation.

Our new home, The Co-Creative Center (CO+) is a 10,000 square-foot development that fosters New Bedford’s creative economy and in 2018 was developed by the Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE), a community development corporation dedicated to the neighborhood restoration of New Bedford, MA. Located on 137/141 Union St, this abandoned block will be transformed into a collaborative retail, living and arts space that includes a community gallery, education center and makerspace in the heart of downtown’s historic district. We look forward to DATMA contributing to the many public events and educational programs that serve the region and beyond. Come visit to see it for yourself or learn more at www.cocreativenb.org.