Typographer Cyrus Highsmith Creates a Brand to Last

Our DATMA Board knew launching the organization’s logo would have its challenges, which is why we chose to work with American Typographer, Cyrus Highsmith. With his designs seen all over the globe, Highsmith has kept busy as RISD faculty, Senior Designer at Boston’s Font Bureau, and founding his own type foundry Occupant Fonts in 2016. He has been called, “one of the truly original new voices in American type design” and according to blogger Mario Garcia, creates work known to have a distinctive personality with a “clean and lasting presence.” Bringing in Providence based graphic design firm, Design Agency to help identify our vision, the designers all worked together to create the new look for our emerging art organization.

DATMA’s Board Members wanted something that could sit well among peer institutions, yet be authentic. The bold logo is playful and approachable. Even in print, the paper-like torn edge comes alive and becomes almost animated. To bring the branding together, Design Agency encouraged us to pair our visual identity with Highsmith’s latest font, Allium, which made its debut Spring of 2017.

We had a lot of fun working with Cyrus Highsmith and Design Agency and are thankful for their hard work and creativity. Our visual identity is elegant in its current state, but we’re all really excited to see how the branding evolves over the years. There’s so much potential.