Feasts, festivals and fun: Summer on the South Coast

Feasts, festivals and fun: Summer on the South Coast

Don Wilkinson

The New Bedford Light, Published May 26, 2024
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The Massachusetts Design Art and Technology Institute, a.k.a. DATMA, is a museum without walls and it is celebrating a sixth season of public art and events collectively titled “Transform: Reduce, Revive, Reimagine.”

There will be an ongoing photography exhibition focused on “The Art of Technology: Exploring Transformative Innovations of the SouthCoast” on view at Tonnessen Park and the the entrance to the Seastreak Ferry building in downtown New Bedford as well as a number of workshops and public conversations all open and free to the public. (Visit datma.org for details.)

But the highlight of DATMA’s sixth season will certainly be “Plastic Rooster” by Bordalo II, a famed Lisbon street artist renowned for his large-scale colorful sculptures utilizing discarded materials, such as old car parts, scrap metal, plastic waste and the like that are morphed into stunning three-dimensional animal portraits. The site-specific “Plastic Rooster” will be approximately 12 feet long, 9 feet wide and 15 feet tall and it will be visible and free to the public on the green space of the New Bedford YMCA on through to 2029.