Have you seen the rooster installation on Union Street? Here’s everything we know.

Have you seen the rooster installation on Union Street? Here’s everything we know.

Seth Chitwood

SouthCoastToday, Published June 4, 2024
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NEW BEDFORD — A semi-permanent giant rooster is being installed at Union and North 2nd Street as part of DATMA’s “Transform: Reduce, Revive, Reimagine,” exhibition set for June 14.

According to Massachusetts Design Art & Technology Institute (DATMA), the art installation will be free and open to the public, allowing visitors to explore, interact and use it as a backdrop for gatherings and events.

The sculpture will remain on display through 2029.

The reason behind selecting a rooster

Plastic Rooster was specifically chosen for New Bedford’s downtown location due to its symbolic representation of Portugal. Over half of the city’s population claims to have Portuguese heritage.

Standing at approximately 12 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 15 feet tall, the artwork will be created using repurposed waste materials from the SouthCoast region, collected and donated by local landfill management departments.

In addition, 11th grade Metal Fabrication students from the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School will be involved in the creation of the sculpture, empowering and instilling pride among the local youth.

The artist behind plastic rooster

Bordalo II, a Lisbon-born street artist, is renowned for his powerful and impactful artwork that raises awareness about environmental issues. Using discarded materials like old car parts, scrap metal and plastic waste, he crafts striking animal portraits, representing the destructive impact of excessive production and consumption on our planet.

By giving life to animals using the very materials responsible for their habitat destruction, Bordalo II’s work serves as a stark reminder of the need for environmental conservation and waste reduction.

“I am thrilled to see this project come to life. Every step of the way has been an extraordinary and collaborative journey,” said Executive Director of DATMA Lindsay Mis.

Mis also praised the efforts and collaboration of the GNB Voc students, the YMCA Southcoast, Waste Management staff and countless local residents for their contributions to the creation of Plastic Rooster.

DATMA’s plans for its ‘Transform’ season

This isn’t the first semi-permanent structure to be added to the city’s downtown area by DATMA. In 2023, The double-sided door public artwork referred to as “Threshold” in Custom House Square was installed through fall of 2026.