Spotlight Event

Lighting your Home (and your art)

DATMA and The Drawing Room invite you to join us online for VAHA! Night, Thursday, August 13 at 6pm for a presentation on the aspects of light and how good lighting design and the right light fixtures can transform a space.

The Making of “VESSELS” – behind the scenes with MASARY Studios

Join us to hear how Boston based MASARY Studios joined with New Bedford fishing community to get an in-depth look at the everyday life of fishermen going to sea to bring their bounty of fish to port.

MASARY’s video and sound artwork titled “VESSELS” is about the boats, the men, the sea, the work and the catch. Fishing crews graciously opened up their world to the artists, allowing them to experience first hand what it takes to be a fisherman in New Bedford. Capturing images and sound from the docks and on the Ruthie B, MASARY Studios created a dramatic and poetic large-scale artwork that brings the N.B. waterfront inland to three buildings on Union Street in downtown New Bedford.
Join us for this live virtual talk concluding with Q&A session offering a chance for the audience to be part of the conversation.

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