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Researchers prepare to drop a pyramid of cameras to the sea floor to capture the diverse ecosystem. Photos by SMAST on display as part of DATMA’s Water 2021 exhibition.

In downtown New Bedford, an event longer-lasting than the above will begin on June 17, when for the third consecutive year, The Massachusetts Design and Technology Institute (DATMA) and its partners in New Bedford will launch three free public art exhibitions plus numerous programs and initiatives that will highlight the Whaling City’s marine heritage, in exhibits that will remain in place from June through October.

Known as “WATER 2021,” these public art projects will examine the role of ‘water and women working with water within the histories, economies, and cultures of the UK, South Korea, Switzerland, and the South Coast,’ event organizers explained in the events press release. Four internationally known artists — Hyung S. Kim, Phil Mello, Craig Easton, and Zimoun — have been invited by DATMA to present these works.