Bringing New Technology Tools to SouthCoast Educators


DATMA has invited cutting-edge San Francisco based architect and designer, Virginia San Fratello, to New Bedford to teach local designers, artists, educators, and students how to push the boundaries of 3D printing using readily available tools and earthen material.

This two-phase workshop — taking place August 9th – 11th at the UMass Dartmouth CVPA Star Store Campus — will empower participants to learn sustainable building and construction practices, in turn, helping to create a more equitable future with housing accessibility.

Through an online sign-up application, participants in the first workshop were selected based on their impact level in sharing their workshop experience with others, ranging from high school educators to makerspace aficionados. This bright group of SouthCoast educators will spend two-days in a collaborative learning environment in the clay studios at UMass. The second workshop will be held on day-three and is reserved for a dozen Our Sisters’ School (OSS) students, who have excitedly chosen to attend this workshop in collaboration with their summer STEAM programming (STEAM: Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math). Per DATMA’s mission of making all its programs free and accessible, no costs or fees will be accrued by participants. A big thanks to our underwriters who made this impactful workshop a reality, the Mass Cultural Council of New Bedford and the many generous individuals who have contributed to the Roger Mandle Legacy Education Fund.

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Explore some of Emerging Objects and Virginia’s innovations here: 


You may remember seeing an Emerging Objects’/Rael San Fratello’s creation, Star Lounge, as part of DATMA’s Shelter 2022 Flexible Fibers exhibition at CVPA Star Store Campus in Downtown New Bedford. The Star Lounge (3D-printed Polylactic Acid) illustrates the feasibility of prefabricating 3D printed panels for architectural assembly, and opens the door to creating 3D printed environments, walls, ceilings, partitions and cladding in building construction.


Virginia San Fratello is an architect, designer and educator. She is a partner at Rael San Fratello and Emerging Objects, which is a pioneering design and research company that specializes in 3D printed materials and objects for the built environment based in Oakland, California. San Fratello is the chair of the Department of Design at San Jose State University. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University in the City of New York.

In her practice, Virginia focuses on the convergence of digital, ecological, and creative material explorations. Her research is applied through designing and fabricating innovative buildings and their components, furniture elements, and site-specific installations that often look at inherent material resources and have embedded political consequences.



This workshop is part of DATMA’s growing education initiatives.

Do you know someone working in the fields of design, art, or/or technology that would make a great workshop leader or partner for DATMA?

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