Public art is DATMA’s gift to New Bedford

Local radio conversation with DATMA & host, Jim Phillips on 1420 WBSM’s Townsquare Sunday.


New Bedford residents are first and foremost DATMA’s main audience, so being invited to speak with local news host, Jim Phillips was a complete honor. Then to be included in a line-up with local hero, John Bullard… we scored this past week when invited to the 1420 WBSM studio. Take a listen here for the full interview. DATMA’s section starts about 25 minutes in, but we highly recommend tuning in to John’s portion as well. This line-up is totally motivation and proves that when you dream big, you can make a difference.


There are lots of organizations contributing to the array of public art located around the city of New Bedford. One of those organizations is DATMA, or Massachusetts Design Art Technology Institute.

DATMA is celebrating its fifth year in New Bedford promoting public art with a variety of exhibits and programs. Executive Director Lindsay Miś joined Townsquare Sunday this week to discuss DATMA’s agenda for 2023.

Miś said the work of three out-of-town artists will headline this year’s program: Mark Reigelman from New York, Maxwell Emcays from Chicago, and Silvia Lopez Chavez from Boston.

“What these artists do is work with residents and school groups, and make sure they’re involved in the creation process,” Miś said. “It’s really had to find artists who work that way. They’re very special people.”

In one exhibit, Chavez worked with New Bedford High School students to create a mural on the Route 6 side of the Norpel Fisheries building, as seen in the photo above.

DATMA is also highlighting the work of local artists in an exhibition called Open Studios on the Sidewalk.

“We have 11 featured artists and their work just adds to the excellence we have in this area,” Miś said.

Their work can be viewed at Tonnessen Park on the waterfront, and at the entrance to the Seastreak Ferry Building.

Additional programs are planned throughout the months of July, August and September, including an outdoor concert on September 14 by the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra.

Full details are available at

Read More: Public Art Is DATMA’s Gift to New Bedford |

Read More: Public Art Is DATMA’s Gift to New Bedford |